Rolls Royce Power Systems is part of the companies Marine and Industrial Power division that manufactures and distributes large reciprocating engines, propulsion, and energy systems. Rolls Royce offers power equipment under the MTU and Bergen brands. This includes MTU brand high-speed engines and propulsion systems for ships, for heavy land, rail and defence vehicles and for the Oil & Gas industries, Bergen Engines medium-speed engines for marine and power generation applications.


Through their MTU Onsite Energy division, Rolls Royce offers land or sea diesel and gas generator sets for baseload, peakload, emergency and cogeneration plants.

Industrial Diesel Generator Sets

Rolls Royce Bergen C25: 33
Rolls Royce Bergen B32: 40

Gas & Marine Generator Sets

Rolls Royce AG9140 Marine
Rolls Royce RR4500 Marine
Rolls Royce Bergen B35: 40
Rolls Royce Bergen C26: 33


IMP offers Rolls Royce Bergen diesel and gas engines for land and sea as well as marine gas turbines.

Industrial Diesel Engines

Rolls Royce Bergen C25
Rolls Royce Bergen C25: 33

Gas Engines

Rolls Royce Bergen C26: 33
Rolls Royce Bergen B35: 40

Marine Gas Turbines

Rolls Royce MT7 Marine
Rolls Royce MT30 Marine

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