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IMP provides timely access to cost-effective power products and services. The company utilizes its human capital, global network of contacts, and proprietary technology to act as a global supplier, buyer, and rental agent.

IMP's Value Proposition :

  • Immediate Access to Equipment
  • Well-Priced Products & Services
  • Experienced Personnel
  • Swift Product Delivery
  • Skilled Professional Services
  • Single Source for Power Needs
  • Buying Expertise
  • Global Distribution Channel
  • User-Friendly Software Interface
  • Rental Provider

Specialists in the new-surplus and used power equipment market, IMP responds quickly to the urgent needs of projects. Offering short delivery time-frames the company can supply projects that have a sudden demand or discover a need for additional equipment beyond a project's original scope. This capability is the result of a network of contacts that span every continent and utilize the latest technological tools available.

IMP Database - IMPetus™

IMP's product database IMPetus™ contains thousands of engines, generator sets, and power product accessories. The items are available for purchase and/or rental from IMP and its multiple divisions. The data compiled by IMPetus™ serves as both an aggregation tool and a user-friendly customer interface to search for and review specific products.

Incorporating an extensive array of variables, IMPetus™ provides its users with the ability to find a solution appropriate to their specific needs, regardless of their level of expertise.

The data compiled and managed through IMPetus™ is made available to the public by contacting IMP directly and through the search capabilities that are available on a limited capacity on IMP's website.

For more information, please view our Inventory, call us at 1-323-268-3380, or Contact Us to see how we can be of service to you.

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