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Equipment Summary

Industrial Generator Sets

The Industrial Generator Sets and Marine Generator Sets offered by IMP operate in all climates and conditions necessary to meet the specific needs of the backup, oil & gas, marine, mining and utility sectors. Offered in various outputs and configurations, the Gen Sets available from IMP vary based on the individual applications and fuel types. Industrial generator set fuel types include diesel, natural gas and bi-fuels.

Industrial & Marine Engines

IMP offers Industrial and Marine Engines that are specifically designed to perform in the most unforgiving environments imaginable. Designed with versatility in mind, the industrial and marine engines from Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit Diesel from IMP meet the challenges posed in difficult climates, the harshest operating conditions, while maximizing fuel consumption and meeting the most stringent emissions requirements.

Power Plants

Power generation and distribution involves a complex array of equipment that is customized for specific applications. We offer both originally designed and constructed power plants as well as previously installed power plant equipment that match the specific needs set by the customer. Power plants can be installed to use diesel, heavy fuel oil, turbines and reciprocating engines, sized to match customer needs.

Power Accessories

IMP and its subsidiaries offer accessories to meet the additional requirements of every piece of power generation equipment we supply. Our inventory, and access to ancillary equipment, is diverse. It ranges from backup power to offshore oil drilling applications, and includes supplying enclosures, generator ends, radiators, fuel tanks, and other necessary accessories.

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