Caterpillar manufactures construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, diesel-electric locomotives, and power generation systems. The products manufactured by CAT are offered through their distinctive brands that include MaK, MWM, Olympian, Perkins, and Solar Turbines.

CAT's brands offer power equipment designed expressly for use in the Electric Power Generation, Industrial, Marine, and Oil & Gas industries. The power products CAT supplies deliver outputs ranging from 5 kW to 16,000 kW, operate on Diesel, Natural Gas, or HFO, and are available for use in either land or marine environments. IMP supplies the CAT, MaK, and Solar brand generator sets, engines, and their accessories.


Caterpillar offers generator sets and power modules in multiple fuel sources and varying kilowatt outputs for both land-based and marine based applications. The gen sets are available in multiple fuel options and output ranges. They supply power to markets such agriculture, backup power, construction, drilling, marine, mining, gas compression, shipping, and every industry with a need for power.

The equipment manufactured by Caterpillar that is offered by IMP includes their CAT, MaK, and Solar brands. These brands supply power solutions with Prime, Continuous, or Standby applications, and are available in multiple Tier Ratings.

Industrial and Marine Diesel and HFO Generator Sets

Caterpillar offers Diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil generator sets powered by CAT engines. Designed for use in the worldwide marketplace, CAT's diesel gen sets are compliant with most country's environmental requirements. CAT offers a wide range of outputs, from 13 kW up to 17,460 kW under the Caterpillar name, with large-scale products marketed under the MaK brand.

MaK Diesel/HFO Industrial and Marine Generator Sets

MaK 6CM20
MaK 8CM20
MaK 9CM20
MaK 6CM25
MaK 8CM25
MaK 9CM25
MaK 6CM32
MaK 8CM32v
MaK 8CM32
MaK 6CM43
MaK 7CM43
MaK 8CM3
MaK 9CM43
MaK 12CM32
MaK 16CM32
MaK 12CM43
MaK 16CM43
MaK 12CM46
MaK 16CM46
MaK M20C Marine
MaK M25C Marine
MaK M32C Marine
MaK M43C Marine
MaK VM32C Marine

Gas Generator Sets

Caterpillar's gas generator sets offer customers a unit powered by a Caterpillar engine that is able to burn multiple fuel types including landfill gas, bio-gas, pipeline natural gas, and field gas. Offered in ratings from 65 kW to 6,520 kW, CAT's gas generator sets are designed for maximum fuel efficiency and are compliant with most emission standards.

Caterpillar Gas Generator Sets

CAT CG132-8
CAT CG132-12
CAT CG132-16
CAT CG137-8
CAT CG137-12
CAT CG170-12
CAT CG170-16
CAT CG170-20
CAT CG260-12
CAT CG260-16
CAT G3512E
CAT G3516
CAT G3516B
CAT G3516C
CAT G3516E
CAT G3516H
CAT G3520
CAT G3520B
CAT G3520C
CAT G3520E
CAT G3606
CAT G3608
CAT G3612
CAT G3616
CAT XQ5200

MaK Gas Generator Sets

MaK G16CM34
MaK G20CM34

      SOLAR Turbines

      Saturn 20
      Centaur 40
      Centaur 50
      Mars 100
      Mercury 50
      Taurus 60
      Taurus 65
      Taurus 70
      Titan 130
      Titan 250


      IMP offers Caterpillar engines to its clientele for use in the primary vertical markets of Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Stand-By Power industries as well as in other industries with specific applications for Prime, Continuous, and Backup Power.

      Caterpillar Diesel/HFO Industrial and Marine Engines

      Caterpillar diesel engines utilize CAT's proprietary ACERT (Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology) emissions technology to provide engines with ratings from 10 hp to 6,600 hp. A principal market supplier, Caterpillar's diesel engines power boats, construction machinery, mining equipment, generator sets, ships, and other primary and standby applications.

      CAT C4.4
      CAT C6.6
      CAT C7 ACERT
      CAT C7 ACERT Marine
      CAT C7 Marine
      CAT C7.1
      CAT C8.7 Marine
      CAT C9
      CAT C9 ACERT Marine
      CAT C11
      CAT C12
      CAT C12 ACERT
      CAT C12 Marine
      CAT C12.9 Marine
      CAT C13
      CAT C15
      CAT C16
      CAT C175-16
      CAT C175-16 Marine
      CAT C175-20
      CAT C18
      CAT C18 ACERT Marine
      CAT C27
      CAT C280-12
      CAT C280-12 Marine
      CAT C280-16
      CAT C280-16 Marine
      CAT C280-6
      CAT C280-6 Marine
      CAT C280-8
      CAT C280-8 Marine
      CAT C32

      MaK Diesel Engines

      MaK M20C Marine
      MaK M46DF Marine
      MaK M25C Marine
      MaK VM32C Marine
      MaK M32C Marine
      MaK VM43C Marine
      MaK M43C Marine

      Caterpillar Gas Engines

      CAT gas engines include Industrial/OEM products designed specifically for use in marine, mining, oil & gas, and power generation applications. The fuels available include natural gas, field gas, propane, landfill gas, and digester gas, with ratings from 55 hp to 4,700 hp.

      CAT CG132-8
      CAT CG132-12
      CAT CG132-16
      CAT CG137-8
      CAT CG137-12
      CAT G3304B
      CAT G3306 NA
      CAT G3306 TA
      CAT CG170-12
      CAT CG170-16
      CAT CG170-20
      CAT G3516
      CAT G3516B
      CAT G3516C
      CAT G3520C
      CAT G3520E
      CAT G3612
      CAT G3616
      CAT CG260-12
      CAT CG260-16
      CAT CG260-20
      CAT G12CM34
      CAT G16CM34
      CAT G20CM34

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