Kohler manufactures goods that service multiple businesses and industry segments. Its brands offer products in the Hospitality, Interiors, Kitchen & Bath, and Power industries. Headquartered in Wisconsin, it has more than 50 manufacturing locations, on 6 continents.

The Kohler Select Power Solutions division offers residential, commercial, and industrial generator sets. The segment offers solutions for distributed, industrial, standby, and rental power generation in commercial and industrial markets.

Generator Sets

Kohler offers industrial customers Diesel, Gas and LP generator sets. The models are offered in multiple configurations with outputs varying from 8.5 kW to 3,250 kW. The systems are configurable to meet specific application requirements and are available for both marine and industrial applications.

Diesel Industrial and Marine Generator Sets

Kohler 700REOZDE
Kohler 800REOZDE
Kohler 900REOZDE
Kohler 1000REOZDE
Kohler 1250REOZDD
Kohler 1500REOZDD
Kohler 1750REOZDD
Kohler 2000REOZDD
Kohler 2250REOZDD
Kohler 2500REOZDB
Kohler 2250REOZDC
Kohler 2800REOZDB
Kohler 3250REOZD
Kohler 300REOZJ
Kohler 350REOZJB
Kohler 400REOZJ
Kohler 400REOZJB
Kohler 500REOZJ
Kohler 500REOZJB
Kohler 750RE0ZMD
Kohler 800RE0ZMD
Kohler 900RE0ZMD
Kohler 1000RE0ZMD
Kohler 1000ROZMC
Kohler 1250REOZMD
Kohler 1250ROZMC
Kohler 1600REOZMD
Kohler 1600REOZMC
Kohler 1750REOZMD
Kohler 2000REOZMD
Kohler 2000ROZMC
Kohler 500REOZVC
Kohler 550REOZVB
Kohler 600REOZVB

Gas Generator Sets

Kohler 300REZXB
Kohler 300RZXB
Kohler 350REZXB
Kohler 350RZXB
Kohler 400REZXB
Kohler 400RZXB

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