GE Energy manufactures turbines, reciprocating engines, generators, packaged generator sets, and cogeneration units for the efficient generation of power and heat. GE Energy's brands include GE Energy Management, GE Oil & Gas, GE Power & Water, GE Jenbacher, and Waukesha.

GE Energy Management

Focused on the electrification business, GE Energy Management provides technology solutions for the conversion, distribution, management, optimization, and transmission of electrical power in industries with high energy use.

GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas provides services and equipment for the oil and gas industry servicing exploration, production and downstream. Products and services offered comprise solutions for Land & Offshore Drilling, Subsea, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Full Range LNG, Industrial Power Generation, Refinery & Petrochemicals, and Gas Storage & Pipeline.

GE Water & Power

GE Power & Water focuses on next generation energy solutions for power generation and energy delivery. The division works specifically with Aero derivative Gas Turbines, Gas Engines, Nuclear Energy, Power Generation Services, Renewable Energy, Thermal Products and Water & Process Technologies.

GE Jenbacher

An Austrian based manufacturer of gas engines, packaged generator sets, and cogeneration units, GE Jenbacher's products provide efficient power and heat. Products are designed for stationary use and run on natural gas or other gases such as biogas or other combustible industrial waste gas.


GE manufactures generator sets for commercial and industrial electrical applications. Their machines comply with all global standards and are available for use in multiple Zones. The portfolio of GE generator sets, offered by IMP, include products that utilize gas turbines and diesel and gas reciprocating engines.

Each machine is tested in GE Energy's state-of-the-art facilities to meet the needs of the Cement, Marine, Metals, Mining Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater industries they serve.

Generator Sets

GE Energy 8V228
GE Energy 12V228
GE Energy 16V228
GE Energy GEN-A37
GE Energy GEN-A39
GE Energy GEN-A53
GE Energy GEN-A61
GE Energy GEN-A62
GE Energy GEN-A63
GE Energy GEN-H33
GE Energy GEN-H53
GE Energy GEN-H55
GE Energy GEN-H65
GE Energy GEN-H73
GE Energy GEN-H75
GE Energy GEN-H84
GE Energy GEN-W86

Gas Turbine Generator Sets

GE Energy 6B.03
GE Energy 6F.01
GE Energy 6F.03
GE Energy 7E.03
GE Energy 7F.04
GE Energy 7F.05
GE Energy 7HA
GE Energy 9E.03
GE Energy 9F.03
GE Energy 9F.05
GE Energy 9HA
GE Energy GE10-1
GE Energy GE10-2

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